The NYLON guide to Portland


It’s hard not to fall in love with Portland. Its residents have devoted themselves to the good life, with a culture almost entirely devoted to the pleasures brought upon by good food, good drink, and the great outdoors. Surrounded by peaks and pines, Oregon’s largest city feels like a gateway to the wilderness, and yet it maintains a strong cosmopolitan vibe, thanks to an overwhelming array of preternaturally hip bars and restaurants and shops, all packed in space that is relatively small by big city standards.  In just a few days, it’s possible to feel like you’ve been everywhere and seen everything when in reality, you’ve only scratched the surface. Still, if you had to choose where to go, what to do, and, most importantly, what to consume while visiting this magical little town, here are some can’t-miss suggestions.

It can be argued that Portland, a city that basically transformed the food truck into a municipal mandate, does not need an indoor food hall.  But that is exactly what it needs.  Have you ever been to Portland? It rains a lot! Pine Street Market finally brings the food hall trend – which has gone nuclear in New York – to the city, with some of its most acclaimed chefs and restauranteurs opening outposts in the sleek and modern space, which they often use to test out new recipes.  There’s the Tokyo-famous Marukin Ramen, gourmet hot dog joint OP Wurst, Korean street food purveyors Kim Jong Smoke house, and Wiz Bang Bar, the soft serve and sundae outpost from the venerable Salt & Straw team.  There are of course more stands (like the Israeli Shalom Y’all), but we can feel you getting hungry, so we’ll spare you. Just go.

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