Founded more than 22 years ago in Portland, Oregon, Siteworks is dedicated to coming up with the most creative, visually striking, and buildable solutions to design problems, visual identity needs, and branding opportunities. With a comprehensive team that includes architects, engineers, contractors, and graphic designers, Siteworks is able to work across the multiple scales required of architectural and design projects and thus produce a more workable, efficient, and often cost-effective space. Siteworks is dedicated to representing clients’ existing identities in a visual form through materials, built environments, and graphic organization.

Founder and Creative Director Jean-Pierre Veillet’s training in sculpture and his experience in the fine art world allow him to operate as a translator, helping clients find the best way to articulate their needs and desires and to express their fundamental DNA. Siteworks’ abilities live at the intersection of art and commerce, and the firm is adept in handling architectural and design issues ranging from civic permitting to intensely detailed renderings.

The firm’s philosophy is one of open access and idea sharing across platforms, cities, and countries. Siteworks has worked on concepts ranging from innovative retail concepts in New York and Los Angeles, the country’s first energy net-zero apartment building in Portland, and dozens of projects in between, and the team continues to explore game-changing solutions to global problems by working on designs for community centers, apartment complexes, and conceptual proposals for new urban environments.

Team Players