Design-Build equals continuity across all aspects of the branding, design, and construction process, making tangible the connection between ingenuity and possibility, and creating authentic human experiences through visual and architectural invention. Unlike other design firms, Siteworks takes a holistic approach resulting in continuity, clear accountability and personal access to all facets of the branding, visualizing, designing, and final build-out process.

Branding (brand as place)

Siteworks collaborates closely with clients and creative partners to develop a visual identity based on a client’s product, location, and values. We transform ideas and desires into visual logos, consistent environments, and experiential stories.


We believe in the power of the built environment to change landscapes, cities, and people. Architecture provides a framework within which to experience light, air, and space; and each project must speak to a client’s particular vision, desire, and drive. Siteworks does not ascribe to any particular design sensibility. We operate under the model of a creative partnership with our clients, teasing out the strands that we can turn into built space and a habitable environment.

Urban Design

Our designers think and work in the largest scale possible: the city. We believe in architecture playing a significant role in authentic community growth and embrace innovative urban planning ideas through our collaborations with scholars, planners, artists, entrepreneurs, developers, and local stakeholders.

Design Architecture

We translate ideas into complex environments through building and creating spaces that choreograph experience. We explore the poetry of architecture, deeply valuing light, texture, color, material, and structure to create places that enrich the senses, tell stories, and tread lightly on the land.

Project Architecture

We are experts in practicalities of the profession, and have a wealth of experience to successfully negotiate the multi-level complications involved in delivering work: city and local design review processes, building code assessments, permit acquisitions, feasibility analyses, cost estimates, energy modeling, and the coordination of engineers and necessary consultants.


Leveraging the latest three-dimensional modeling and imaging tools we iterate design ideas to the highest levels of representation, virtually inhabiting spaces as they take form, visually expressing and exploring ideas before committing them to the ground, and providing valuable insight to stakeholders.

Project Management

Our work is about translating a client’s desires and visions into something tangible, material, and experiential. We combine the latest in project-estimating software with decades of field experience, and our BIM system delivers accurate and up-to-date construction pricing, scheduling, and project delivery. Consistent and transparent communication between clients and our design and construction teams simplifies and opens up an otherwise often murky process, ensuring predictable, accurate, and reliable results.

Industrial Design and Fabrication

From custom workstations to furniture pieces, lighting, cabinetry, fixtures, display elements, and signage. We operate at the intersection of art and industry to complete design projects down to every detail. Either in our fab lab or working with our strategic suppliers. We are able to manufacture bespoke materials with surprising affordability.


Design doesn’t come alive until you can feel it. Our team of builders and extended network of proven craftspeople and tradesmen executes design concepts into authentic environments of the highest quality, resourcefulness, and integrity. We have an unbeaten track record of meeting the tightest of schedules and budgets while constantly exceeding expectations.